Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rene Gutteridge in person!

My book discussion group met with Rene Gutteridge (pictured front and center)... she was so great! We all loved how she was so down to earth and very friendly. She came wearing jeans and just seemed to be glad we invited her. She signed all of our books and answered all of our questions with a smile :)

She told us how she has been a writer all her life and her first book was published about 8 years ago when she was 26. She has written so many books and does at least 2 a year. There is a great group of authors that get together and are friends rather than rivals. It's great that they can encourage each other.

When she first started writing books, Rene felt like the Lord told her to write books for Christian who don't read Christian fiction. Most Christians read secular fiction because they don't want "another message". So even though her books are Christian fiction, they have a more subtle message.

We read "My Life as a Doormat." It is a great book and has lots of humor scattered throughout it. I could totally relate to the characters and really enjoyed the book. I encourage you to read it! Rene is the author of 13 books and her newest book Skid comes out in May.

Which books have you read by Rene?

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Julie Lessman said...

Hey Kristi, whenever I would see your e-mail addy posted on blog comments, I always thought it was "stampede with grace"!!! Grin, I kind of liked the image of a stampede of grace, but "stamped" with grace is good too!!

I read Rene's "Troubled Waters" and loved it! She is an incredibly talented writer, and how fun she came to your bookclub meeting!