Friday, November 7, 2008

Christmas is here...almost!

Christmas is here! Well, at least almost :) My goal is to get my shopping done by Thanksgiving, because the crowds seem to multiply after that. I also haven't even done the winter clothes switch-over because we've had such wonderful weather! Fall is my favorite time of year, so I haven't wished it away by getting out long-sleeves. But I have a feeling my kids may be cold for a few days before I get the enormous job done. The 2 boys are done quickly because of their age difference, but the 5 girls have to try everything on to see who fits what this year!

Something fun online... 5 Minutes for Mom has started their Christmas Giveaway and they will have over 20 prizes to sign up for and try to win! I love to win things online!! They're also doing something special this year. They have a new program called Under the Tree, which is about getting some of that Christmas magic (bloggy style!) right to some families who need it! If you know a family who will not be able to provide presents for their children this Christmas, click over and read more about Under the Tree and how you can nominate a family in need.

And, if you’re looking for some great ideas for your Christmas shopping list – and you would you like to try to win some fun prizes and maybe check off some people on that list, go to 5 Minutes for Mom's Christmas Giveaway 2008!

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