Monday, August 31, 2009

Homeschooling 2009-2010

We are a homeschool family with 8 children and have homeschooled from the beginning. Our oldest graduated last year (one down 7 to go :)

Every year we seem to try at least one thing new, usually in an area that I'm not happy with. If I don't enjoy teaching something, it seems impossible to get it done.

The things we seem to do consistently: ABeka (Letters & Sounds, Language, Arithmetic and Writing) through 2nd grade. In 3rd grade we switch to Easy Grammar and Math U See, as well as, Christian Liberty Press' Spelling and Studying God's Word. Science and history vary, but this year we're doing Apologia's Astronomy and learning the states and capitals, etc.

High school has been more difficult for me to find what I like best. My oldest did mostly Switched on Schoolhouse, but I didn't really care for it, so I've switched to Total Language Plus and continued with Math U See. This year for science, history, etc. we're started the Wisdom Booklets from ATI. We are not in ATI, but I was given all 54 booklets, and I really love a lot of the info in them.

I prefer to school 4 days a week and have a day for shopping garage sales, housework and playtime. I have been getting burned out and by Friday I really need a break. Part of it is probably a new baby in the house, and I have not been getting enough sleep. We are also memorizing Matthew 5. I'm sure we're doing more stuff too, but my "new baby" brain can't remember it right now :)

My top two prizes would be Rainbow Resource Center and CurrClick - Curriculum in a click!

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Christina Berry said...

Thanks for leaving the comment on Nikki's blog about my book, THE FAMILIAR STRANGER. I noticed Robin Jones Gunn is one of your favorite authors ... too bad you don't live in Oregon as we're doing a signing together on the 30th!